In the last ten years, the demand for the Italian language in the United States has grown continually.

A series of institutions and organizations promote the Italian language in the United States.

The Observatory coordinates all of the activities aimed at the development and the diffusion of the language and the Italian culture in the Unit

Ambasciata Italiana a Washington (Mar 15, 2012)
“Teaching Italian after the Reinstatement of the AP Exam: New Methodological Cultural and Linguistic Approaches in Content Area” will be dedicated to the study of methodology, with a special emphasis
L'Osservatorio (Mar 14, 2012)

In recognition of the dedication and excellence of teachers of AP Italian, the Observatory of the Italian Language, as part of its promotional and motivational activities, announces the establishme

L'Osservatorio (Mar 14, 2012)

Luigi Malerba Literary Prize for Fiction and Screenwriting is awarded annually by LearnToBeFree, a non-for-profit organization founded by former Speaker Ms.

(Feb 20, 2012)
We advise all interested students that College Board has published the date of the AP Italian Language and Culture exam on its web site: it is scheduled for Thursday, May 17, 2012, after 12.00 PM.
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American universities and schools that teach Italian.

Opportunities to study and learn the Italian language and culture and for exchanges between Italian and American Schools.

Everything you need to know about the Advanced Placement program in Italian Language and Culture