Promoting Italian

A series of institutions and organizations promote the Italian language in the United States.

In the United States, the Italian language can count on a series of institutions and organizations that make its promotion and diffusion one of its main priorities.

The financial contributions allocated annually by the Italian government have played an essential role in the achievement of the programs of the Italian language in the United States scholastic system. Such funds are distributed across non-profit organizations, such as the Non-Profit Language Associations, that collaborate strictly with the Embassy, the Offices of the Italian Consular Network in the United States, and with the governing bodies of American schools at the county and district levels.

The promotion of the Italian language is primarily supported by the efforts of the numerous Italian-American organizations and the Italian teacher associations such as AATI and COPILAS.

A. Diplomatic and Consular Network

In the United States, ten Consular offices, six school offices and five Cultural Institutes exist beyond the Italian Embassy. In New York, “La Scuola d’Italia Guglielmo Marconi” offers classes from kindergarten to the 12th grade.

The Italian Government also invites to some Universities Italian teachers with the task of supporting and developing the courses of our language. Presently, nine of these teachers are placed in the United States.


CLICK HERE for a list of the Offices of the Diplomatic Consular network in the United States, the Scholastic Offices and the Cultural Institutes with respective web sites and e-mail addresses.

B. Collaborating Agencies

The Collaborating Agencies are associations that organize the courses of Italian language and culture in the territory of the United States, thanks to the financial contributions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Italian Republic.

In the last few years, the major part of such enterprises put a stress on integrating courses in the scholastic programs, instead of being extracurricular, with the objective of making courses begin in elementary schools and to create a continual scholastic path, in which Italian becomes taught from the elementary level all the way to college.

The reaction was very positive in the last few years, thanks to agreements with the State Departments of Education, the counties, districts, and in some cases, the schools; more Italian classes were included in school programs in numerous states.

In 2008, the total number of students who took organized classes by the Non-Profit Language Associations was 88,000 in total.

CLICK HERE to see a list is of members of the collaborating agencies in the United States with their respective websites and e-mail addresses.

C.  Italian-American Organizations

The Italian-American Organizations have a fundamental role in the preservation of the Italian cultural heritage in the United States, in maintaining the connection of Americans of Italian descent with the homeland, and in the promotion and diffusion of the Italian language.

The Italian-American Organizations played an indispensable role in the reestablishment of the Italian AP exam, thanks to the generous contributions provided.  These donations also support numerous scholarships, allowing American students to travel to Italy.

CLICK HERE for a list of Italian-American organizations, with their respective websites and e-mail addresses, that have sponsored the AP program.


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