Visit to Duke Ellington High School

(Jul 17, 2011)

Italian pianist Laura Loddo instructs the Italian course at Duke Ellington High School giving a very desirable class to opera students.

Duke Ellington High School is an art school in the District of Colombia. During a recent visit, the Principal, Rory Pullens, was very diligent and prepared; stating how extremely interested he is to help in the success of the Italian AP exam.

Mr. Pullens declared that the Italian course at Duke Ellington High School, instructed by Laura Loddo (with a degree in Piano from the Conversatorio Benedetto Marcello di Venezia) is a very desirable class among the students who study the opera.

We spoke with them about the current initiatives, the aspects of the exam that have already been planned, and of the support the Embassy intends to give to the AP courses through the intervention of specialists in certain areas of the exam (those areas identified by the College Board within the development of the syllabus). The conversation was very pleasant and constructive, and Mr. Pullens reconfirmed his support for the study of the Italian language.

We enjoyed our visit of the campus with its incredible quantity of art facilities. In particular, we were able to stop and look at an Italian classroom where the teacher was conducting a lesson to a group of students at the first level. Needless to say, the presence of Venice on the posters hung on the walls was quite important. The students were happy with the visit. Therefore, after a small tour of the various floors and sectors (the jazz teacher told us that they are going to participate at a young jazz meeting in Parma), we entered in the music lab to listen to a performance of three students in Italian. Their Italian pronunciation is very impressive and brought their singing performance to the highest level.


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