The Italian Language Foundation Offers Incentives to Students of AP Italian

Kimberly Thomson (07 Feb 2012)
The Italian Language Foundation announced last Summer that it will be making financial awards to students who score well on the Advanced Placement Italian Language and Culture Exam this May, 2012.

The Dante Awards for Excellence are unrestricted and will be given to students who score a four or a five in the AP Italian exam, which will be given in May 2012. The amounts of the award are $200.00 for students who score a five and $100.00 for those who score a four. Students must be members of the Italian Language Foundation and enrolled in an American or Canadian high school.

Official Announcement

Only students who are members of the Italian Language Foundation are eligible to receive the awards and their membership is free. Teachers are encouraged to become members at a cost of $25 per year.

To join: