The notice for the 2012 edition of the award ”Luigi Malerba” for fiction and screenplay writing is now available!

L'Osservatorio  (14 Mar 2012)

Luigi Malerba Literary Prize for Fiction and Screenwriting is awarded annually by LearnToBeFree, a non-for-profit organization founded by former Speaker Ms. Irene Pivetti, under the auspices of the Italian Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education, Univerity and Research, the Region of Emilia-Romagna, theProvince ofParma andBercetoMunicipality.

The prize is awarded to novels, collections of short stories, sceenplays, written in Italian. The 2012 edition is devoted to screenwriting: original screenplays are eligible for admission. The Prize, dedicated to one of the best Italian writers, Luigi Malerba, is awarded in Berceto, where the writer was born, at the end of the month of October, each year. A press conference is held in Rome, while the jury meets the press and the public in Parma.


Any Italian citizen who will not have turned 33 byJuly 25, 2012 is entitled to participate, as well as any foreign nationals, regardless of their age.


Screenplays must be written in Italian and in American format (free examples can be downloaded from Final Draft or Celx websites) . Their length must range between 80,000 and 380,000 keystrokes (including spaces), that is between 80 and 150 printed pages.


Works must be submitted in a file format to by July 25, 2012, together with a C.V. and a release form ( download here ) for copywrights.

Submitted works will not be returned.

Works must also be sent (in 7 printed copies), together with a printed and signed copy of the release form and a printed copy of the CV, by mail, to the following address:

LTBF Onlus – Premio Luigi Malerba

Via del Governo Vecchio 3

00186 Roma



Members of the jury are personalities from the world of cinema, plus a class. Chairperson: Irene Pivetti. Honorary Chair: Anna Malerba.


The prize will be awarded to a single work and it will consist in the publication, by MUP publishers (, of the winner’s screenplay, in a collection devoted to the present Prize. The publisher undertakes to publish the work within 6 months from the date in which the Prize was awarded. The author of the best screenplay submitted by a foreign national, regardless of the fact that s/he is the Prize winner, will win a one week’s holiday in Italy.

For further information:

Secretariat General

Rosanna Amadei

Tel. +39/


Leda Scardino

Tel. +39/


Honorary Chair

Anna Malerba


Press Office Festival delle Identità

Ilaria Mollo

Tel. +39/


Press Office MUP Publishers

Virginia Maini – Federica Sassi

Tel. +39/0521.23.67.92

e-mail: – web site: